Paul Mischler (misch) wrote,
Paul Mischler


Congrats go to RIT Corner Crew member Dave Komey who called the score of the RIT-Geneseo game exactly correct, RIT 4, Geneseo 3.

Not only did he call the score exactly correct, he also said when the winning goal would be scored...

Two very good teams should play a great game in snowy Geneseo. Geneseo's home ice advantage will be diminished somewhat as RIT always travels well for this game. This will go down to the end, and I think RIT will get a late goal to pull off the win.

As the box score says, RIT's winning goal came with 54 seconds remaining in the third period.

Dave, the New York Lotto Jackpot is at $35 million... would you care to share some winning numbers?
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