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I know thwack had pretty much the whole rundown of the comedy of errors that became our trip to Chenango, but I'll add a few bits myself. mountainheather apparently doesn't suffer ill effects from sunburn, even though her arms look a bit lobsterish.

My Teva tan has improved. This being the downside of being stuck outside in the sun all day. Not a terrible thing, mind you, but still enough to be noticeable if I ever end up walking around barefoot.

Da Vinci's Notebook are funny as heck, and you should by their CD's.

Vance Gilbert is the man. You should go buy his CD's because he's got a mortgage to pay, and he can make you think. AS well as be entertained.

The Arrogant Worms, Eddie From Ohio, and Russell Wolff are great roadtrip artists. So are Da Vinci's Notebook, unless your friends make you listen to E'P multiple times ;-)

Tomorrow, the Bills season gets underway. I'm keeping my hopes up for it. *crosses fingers*

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