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1. Ow.  More on that later.

2.  Carbon Leaf was played for the first time on FolkTown on Sirius today.  (Although they've already been on "THe Spectrum" on Sirius.)

3.  On my way home tonight, I had a massive earworm of Girlyman's "Say Goodbye".  And FolkTown satisfied my earworm by playing it.

4. I got a haircut.

5. RIT won tonight at the Murray Corrections Athletic Facility  (AKA Thunderdomes, aka Star Trek 3-boobed domes, aka Wonderbra) by a score of 4-3.  It wasn't as close as the score says it is.  Only because the Elmira goalie stood on his head in the first period (and a crossbar got in the way), RIT ended up down one.  But, then RIT ripped off 4 in a row in the second.  You could hear a pin drop in there.

5. And now for the owie.  I took a puck in the arm during the game.  (Ow!  Those things hurt, even when properly frozen!)  Thankfully, I got the puck right back, and had an immideate ice puack.  Normally, we "give it to a kid", but the only kids around were a bunch of Elmira brats.

6.  During "Chuck-A-Puck" cleanup, one of the kids on the ice started to kick a stuffed tiger around the ice.  reportedly, one of the RIT broadcasters said (off-air of course) "Look at the scoreborad, you little inbreed!"  (It was 4-1 RIT at that point.

7. My car does not like super cold temperatures.  I had trouble maintaining warm temperatures in the engine.  Normally, the temperature gauge reaches the middle of the bar and stays there for my trip.  Not so tonight.  On my way home, I passed a bank near Tompkins-Cortland Community College where it reported a temperature of -20.  Yeah.  Bone chilling cold.

8. Smith Restauraunt Supply in Syracuse had a 20% off storewide sale.  Damn, I hate love being a kitchen geek.

9. Wegmans has been named the #1 company to work for by Fortune magazine.  I stopped at Weggies in Dewitt on my way out, and Ithaca on the way back.  Both had special racks with dozens of copies of Fortune for sale out there.  From what I remember of the rest of the article, they talk about the "Rabid following the store gets...".  Yeah, that's about right.

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