Paul Mischler (misch) wrote,
Paul Mischler

And another one from the cognitive-dissonance department

And here's another one for you from the cognitive dissonance department.

Yesterday, as I was driving the carpool into Syracuse, I was passed by a Chevy Suburban behemoth carrying a whopping total of one person in it.  On the side window of the SAV [SUburban Assault Vehicle] was a "Calvin Pissing" decal.  This time, however, instead of Ford, the target was OPEC.

You're pissing on OPEC, and yet, you're driving a Chevy Suburban SAV and happily sending your money off to OPEC.

You're making total sense here, buddy.  Of course, the "W" sticker on the back of your SAV just adds to your obvious stupidity.
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