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Okay... so I went to see The Arrogant Worms in concert in Oswego.  (The show sold out, btw).  The family I'm seated next to is from Buffalo.  Well, I was talking with them before the show... not just any part of Buffalo, no, they're from Williamsville.

And now we play six degrees of separation.  The mother of the family is the sister of my den mother from Cub Scouts.  (Last I remember, the den mother currently works part time at my parents shop.)

2 degrees of separation.

Their daughter is a student at Syracuse/ESF.  So, they came over to see their daughter, pick her up, and take her to the show.  They also brought their newphew (the guy who was in my den in cub scouts) over to Syracuse to see the Syracuse squeekball game.

Yeah... it's a small world.
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