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Overtime AGAIN

Okay, I'm finally back on the hockey bandwagon. I missed a few of the Sabres pre-season games, but I have finally got them figured out. Except for last night's game where the Sabres website listed a 7:00 PM start. Needless to say, I was rather miffed that I missed most of the first period. And, it wasn't on TV, so I had to deal with radio-only coverage. Even worse, I think 107.7 WNSA has decreased it's power output, so it's harder to receive here in Rochester. I have to move my stereo system in my room to get it, or listen to the radio that is sitting over my TV in the living room (where I can't use the computer during the game then.) Oh well. It'll be on TV once the regular season starts again.

In football news, I have a letter to write to Drew Bledsoe, quarterback for the Buffalo Bills:

Dear Mr. Bledsoe:

I apprecieate your efforts in winning the game against the Bears on Sunday in overtime. However, my heart kindly requests that you win future games in regulation. The overtime games are too much for my heart to take, and I fear having a heart attack, or worse.

Thank you for your consideration.


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