Paul Mischler (misch) wrote,
Paul Mischler

Tales Of Stupid People, Part XI

It's time for another chapter of "Tales of Stupid People"  (Should be "Here's your sign", I watched a lot of the "Blue-Collar Comedy Tour" on COmedy Central this weekend.

First one goes to *drumroll please!* Me!

I went to Panera Bread this afternoon.  As I was attempting to enter teh store, I found the door locked.  I tried the other door.  Then I looked up.  Hung up in the window was the "Due to high winds, please use front door."  (Here's my sign).

But, then, the person at the counter made an error in my order.  I ordered a bagel, my friend ordered a bagel, and then I ordered a medium sized loaf of the sesame semolina bread.

The interesting thing is that the medium size (aka "Loaf") that I ordered didn't have a "Sesame Semolina" sign in front of it. But, right above the "loaf' size was their big size that said "Sesame semolina miche" and below it was "Sesame Semolina Demi")

The shelves sorta looked like this:

Sesame Semolina Miche
[        ] <-- should say "Sesame Semolina"
"Sesame Semolina Demi"

Well,wouldn't you know it... the server forgot to give me my loaf of bread. As I headed back to the counter, i asked the cashier for my loaf of Sesame Semolina which the server had forgotten. As she turned around to get it, she looked at the shelf and looked kinda flustered for a moment before she turned to a cow orker and said: "Which one is the Sesame?"

I just thought to myself... "Here's your sign". Never mind that the loaf is covered in sesame seeds, or the other two loaves above and below it are labeled "Sesame.  *sigh*

Regardless, I had some of the bread with my dinner and it was yummy.

EDIT: I just read the receipt. It turns out they charged me $3 for the Sunday Utica Observer-Dispatch. The cashier must have thought it was the New York Times.


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