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It was great seeing matthewl329 rocking out in Rome tonight. (Some of the more informed among you may know that I haven't seen Matt in concert since 10/1/2002) Also as cool as seeing Matt again was seeing his help, Norma Kaminski.  She got to sing lead on a song during the encore.  Man, does she have a set of lungs on her!

Even cooler, the jacket she wore had lots of cool buttons on it, including at 89.7 WITR button on it. Ahh, good memories.

Which reminds me... Sunday is the last showing of Twelfth Night at RIT.  2 PM showing.  Afterwards, we're having a 10th Anniversary party at Mario's Via Abbruzzi.  I'm looking forward to that too.

Too bad I'll be getting back form Rochester so late.  Oh well.  Sleep is overrated.

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