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Interview. Awww yeah.

Just got a call from a company that wants to do a technical interview with me over the phone on Thursday. \/\/00t. That brings me up to 3 interviews for the week.

In other news. As many of you know... well, wait, since harldy anyone ever comes over to my place, the desktop to my computer was just about the cutest picture with me in it of me and my friend jzaayberryeri from Frucon 4. "CUTEST... PICTURE... EVER"

I've gone and temporarily replaced it. I saw this beautiful fall scene from my back window today, the window that overlooks the retention pond behind my apartment. I guess I finally saw the forest for the trees today. I also changed the colors on my system to a more fall-like setting.

And now I'm off to an employer presentation. Should be fun :-) I interview with them tomorrow!
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