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Thank you!

Thanks to my friends for making yesterday's emergency roadtrip so much fun. redstapler is very cool for paying for my ticket to go. (Yay friends with money!) I saw my friend Doug (who had just moved to Toronto), hkath, my friend Jen from St. Catharines, (ewww, the PDA's from you two are disgusting!)

Oh yeah, Dan Bern & The IJBC... you guys made it all possible... well, I'd also like to thank the shitty US economy for not having an apparent job for me... *bah*, but that's a whole different topic.

I think quote of the night came with Doug, redstapler, myself, and hkath, when we went over for a slice of Pizza Pizza pizza. redstapler and I, being the americans that we were were talking about American and Canadian differences with canadians Doug and hkath.

Doug: To redstapler: You're 212 degrees F hot.
Doug: To hkath: You're 100 degrees C hot.
hkath: Yes, but I'm the prettiest!
redstapler: No, I'm the prettiest!
Doug: You're both the prettiest!
hkath: But I'm the prettiest in metric.

Awww yeah. All that, and a box of winegums from the Duty Free shop. I am a happy camper.
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