Paul Mischler (misch) wrote,
Paul Mischler

Spreading Firefox

First off, *bwahahahahaha*

Last night I caught the Kennedys at the Steel City Coffeehouse.  Despite me arriving a bit into the set of the opener (stupid traffic!) and getting a seat near the front windows of the place, right above an air conditioing vent. (brr!)

Despite that little problem, I still had a great time.  The opener was a local named Joe (sorry I missed your last name!)  Nothing terribly memorable about him, great booming voice that filled the place, and and good guitar skills.

Then during intermission, I got my dinner, a grilled chicken caesar wrap and a bottomless glass of iced tea.  Yum.

The Kennedys were fun as always, and were well worth the long trip to go see them.

The set was mostly a lot of songs from their new disc, "Half A Million Miles", which you should go out and buy a half a million copies or so and give to all your friends.

Life is Large
Didn't It Rain
Half a Million Miles
9th St. Billy
Dharma Cafe
Chimes of Freedom
Midnight Ghost

During intermission, I gave their banana cream cheesecake a test.

I told them that they shouldn't serve it.  It was so evil-y delicious that all it's evil energy could throw off the Kennedys.

Wall of Death - There was a group of college-age kids (Hey, I'm 26 now, I think I can call them that.)
Live - For Julie Murphy Wells
Get It Right
Sheer Water
The Bend In The River
A River Called Stars, Medley

Encore 1
Like A Rolling Stone
Encore 2
8 Days A Week

After the show, I hung around to talk with Pete and Maura for a while.  Well, really, just Maura since Pete darted off to go clear the small stage.  I picked up Peter's disc Shearwater: The art of unplugged guitar.  They said it was good relaxation therapy music.

I told Maura that I was horvendile stalking them by proxy (Gordon, you'll be happy to know that Maura had nothing bad to say about you.).  I also pointed out that there's a particularly nasty bug on their website. (Really bad MS-only extensions to HTML that screw up a couple of images on their website in any browser except for Internet Exploder)

In true Spread Firefox style, I gave Maura a copy of Firefox on CD.  I also threw in the Nvu web authoring package (based on Mozilla Composer).  I also got permission to sit down and come up with some ideas for updating their website.  Sweet.

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