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Dear OLN,

While I am thouroughly happy to see the NHL return to TV, I must say that OLN's coverage needs some work.

1. Please move the clock/scoreboard to the top of the screen.  Your cameramen leave the puck in that corner of the screen too often.

2: Speaking of the cameramen, do you think you could get a more experienced cameraman?  Perhaps one that didn't work on the set of NYPD Blue?

3: Audio.  It sounds like your sound comes through a phone line, then over an AM radio, then broadcast over a cellphone and out onto the internet before being turned into an MP3 and then played on a shortwave mexican radio station.

4. Broadcasters: Okay, I've got no complaints here.  Your broadcasters know hockey.

5. PLEASE don't send the woman to interview the coach during play.  He missed his team giving up a goal.  (The look on his face would have been priceless though.)

6: When giving an out-of-town scoreboard, PLEASE don't suddenly shrink the screen down by one-third.  Take a lesson from ESPN: A simple ticker line across the bottom of the screen works wonders.

Other than that, I *loved* being able to see the Sabres.

They're on MSG and Fox Sports NY... and would be shown in Rome, were I still living there.

Oh well.

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