Paul Mischler (misch) wrote,
Paul Mischler

Hockey Night in Rochester!

It's Hockey Night in Rochester for me. 3 teams, 3 games.

1. Buffalo vs. Boston. THe Sabres FINALLY won a game last night, after going winless in 12 games. toast14 will probably be rooting for the B's. I'm expecting a good game.

2. Rochester Amerks vs. San Antonio. It's going to be the first live broadcast on WB16 ever.

3. RIT Men's Hockey vs. Johnson & Wales.

My computer room is going to be total hockey crazy, with the Sabres on one computer on Empire Sports, the Amerks on the TV on the second computer, and RIT on 89.7 WITR on the stereo above my computer monitor.

Prepare for hockey overload. Break out the beer, eh! Wait... I don't drink beer.
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