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Movie Time!

I watched Mr. Holland's Opus today. Wow. What an eye opener. I know now that it's a movie I should have seen a lot earlier. It was so moving because I could see correlations to people I know in real life. I see my own high school's choir director, my wrestling coach, many of my deaf friends, Bob Mowers... those positive characteristics, and how they affect real peoples lives.

I was reading the comments about the movie in IMDB. One viewer wrote about the character of Gertrude Lang, the girl in the band who would go on to become govenor: "She wasn't "wasting" Holland's efforts by going into politics. Art, music and theater education don't exist solely to create professional artists, musicians and actors. They also exist to give young people an opportunity for change and growth, even if they never use a paintbrush again."

So true. Even though my talents don't lie exclusivley in the arts, the education and interaction with the arts has made a great portion of who I am today.

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