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The Buffalo Sabres broadcasters are coming in with a new pronunciation for Henrik Tallinder

used to be TAL-in-durr
now they're saying tah-LIN-durr

Plus a bunch of jokes about pronouncing "Genarette" with a big french accent.

And the latest in a long line of e-mail addresses that have been compromised, today Xerox gets added to the "been hacked' list.

All of these have been compromised or harvested:

paul  (Grr, my main one.  Someone probably got a virus (like MY PARENTS)
depestsender (Posted publically on the internet.  Thanks Mozilla project.  Assholes.)
mozparty (I'm getting lots of spam written in German on this address.  Was publically posted for a while until the Mozilla Party FINALLY got wise to it.  Okay, yeah, my last name IS German, but it doesn't mean I speak the language.  Otherwise, it's a favorite of 419 Scammers)
xerox-sweepstakes (Tonight's new winner.)
dns-admin (Listed in the domain registration.)
info (Never used it.)
hireme (Thanks to FHDC for this one.  My own stupidity.)
wa9 (We're About 9)

I'd love to route some of those addresses to /dev/null, but I don't have that ability with my current host.

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