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The Good and the Bad

Well, let's see here... let's recap yesterday.
Good: Going home to visit friends, family, and family greenhouse.
Bad: Waking up 2 hours later than you had planned, and thus, being late.

Good: Driving from Buffalo back to Rochester to go to Trans-Siberian Orchestra.
Bad: Hitting traffic, and getting back to Rochester later than you had hoped.

Bad: Arriving late to designated meet-up place, and thinking you missed the caravan to the Aud Center.
Worse: Everyone waiting inside the building where you were parked outside looking for you.
Still worse: Realizing you don't have anyones cell number.
Even worse than that: Calling people to get cell numbers of people going, and getting their voicemail.
Oh yeah: Them leaving at 6:30 instead of the planned 6:15.

Good: Seeing your group arrive at the Aud Center, with your ticket.
Better: Getting a christmas present from one of your friends.
Best: Seeing the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Damn. Wow. My friend tenthz said it best: "Words. Do Not. Describe."

Bad: Deciding not to do anything after the show as a group of people.
Worse: Realizing all you had to say was "Anyone want to go to Spot Coffee? Meet you all there!"
Redeeming Factor: Getting to your car and realizing you wouldn't get to Spot Coffee because your car has a flat tire. *foof!*
Even Worse: Using the can of "Fix-A-Flat" you keep in the trunk of your car for just such an instance.
Can it get any worse than this?: Can of Fix-A-Flat fails to discharge into tire, and ends up breaking off, leaving its nozzle attached to the stem valve of your tire.

Good: Getting asked by a group of cute girls if I needed any help.
Bad: Manly pride saying no, and missing out on the opportunity to flirt with three cute girls.

Good: Getting your tire changed by yourself in 30 minutes.
Bad: Doing this so well because you have experience.
Worse: 3 times.

Bad: Probably not going back to Buffalo tomorrow because of the need to go get your tire replaced. Damn car. At least you bought road hazard insurance on those tires. *whew*

You see, life is filled with good and bad things. All bad things aside, I saw the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, and it was amazing. My day was good.

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