October 1st, 2002

sabres jersey


Today at RITSMA's Tuesday @ The Clock, we had Matthew Cross (aka matthewl329) perform. Tres cool, as I expected, and pretty well received by the crowd, which included RIT Prez Al Simone.

As luck would have it, Laura Watts, form RIT's Co-op and Career Center (and my counselor there) was doing resume reviews in the SAU. She read over mine, and caught a pair of glaring errors (mostly word tenses) in it. Thanks :-) Now I get to delete the three other copies of my resume that I had printed out, and print out a bunch more for Thursday's Career Fair.

As a triple bonus, I found out about a couple of workshop sessions that the Co-op office is hosting tomorrow, so I'll have something to do in the early evening.

Oh well, back to "work". If anyone knows of anyone looking for a software developer/internet developer in Rochester, let me know, ok?
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