April 1st, 2003

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Increase in Stupidity

I've noticed an increase in the stupidity of spammers this week. I've just received a third spam e-mail that contains no links, no e-mail addresses and no phone numbers to call to order the junk being spamvertized.

Sadly, I've also noticed an upswing in the total amount of spam I've received this week, but that's another story. POPFile is taking care of it. 100% accuracy in labeling spam over the past week. 97.6% accuracy in classifying ALL my e-mail over 2,336 messages. (not just spam, but into 6 other buckets as well.)
sabres jersey

"Phoenix" is out, "Phallus" is in.

Today, Asa Dotzler, manager of the Mozilla Project, announced that a new name has been selected for the Phoenix project. After months of hard consideration, the new name for the project will be Phallus. In addition to the new name, version 0.6 of Phallus will be skipped entirely. Developers will instead version jump to 0.7 to "keep up with the competition from Internet Explorer", said Dotzler.

Discussion of the project and the new name continues in the Phallus Forums at Mozillazine.org.
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