June 29th, 2004

sabres jersey

Fun & Casualties

I'm still having fun out here in SF.

I saw the keynote speaker address yesterday.  Lots of glitz and glamor, and even a t-shirt launching cannon to match.

I spent a little time in the Java Pavillion yesterday. The amount of swag to be had there is amazing.  I'm considering mailing my dirty laundry home so I have room to pack all the swag.

For all you Wil Wheaton fans out there, start hounding your favorite bookstore for a copy of his book "Just A Geek".  I stopped by the O'Reilly booth and saw that they had 2 copies of "Just A Geek" sitting there on their demo rack.  (I hear they're going to give the books away at the end of the pavillion show tomorrow.  I'll have to stop by and see if I can snag a copy.)

I had a little bit of time yesterday between sessions, so I went for a walk out to The Container Store.  Wow.  That place was neat.

And now for the casualty.  On my way back to the convention center, I saw that the face on the back of my cell phone was cracked.  *sigh*  It still works just fine, but it's an ugly crack.


But I got over it.

Last night I went out for dinner at Sushigroove South.  Very good sushi.  The hostess was very kind, and comped me a tasty seaweed salad with squid when she realized she made a mistake seating me at the sushi bar since it was all reserved.  I had 3 rolls there, a spicy tuna roll, a kamikaze roll (salmon and advacado), and a jungle roll (yellowfin and mango).  While the jungle roll didn't appeal as much to my pallette as I had hoped it would, the rolls were well prepared and were very yummy.

It's now Tuesday, and my stomach is saying that it's lunch time.  (damn time zone differences.)  Alas, it's 9:30 AM SF time, and it's still keynote presentation time.

I've got a session starting in 20 minutes.  *Grumble*  But I don't want to miss the t-shirt launch here.  *sigh*
sabres jersey

Checking in...

Another fun filled day here at JavaOne. Had a few sessions this afternoon, a case study of Brazil's medical system and how java delivers nationwide health care support. Also sessions on Java 1.5 improvements and a set of Java Puzzlers.

Up next is HOCKEY! I've got my Corner Crew t-shirt on, and a Sabres jersey to wear over top when i go back to the conference for the "Birds-of-a-Feather" technical sessions tonight.

I'll post pictures of me at the conference in my hockey jersey later on.

It's Sun vs. Apple, a rumble in the Yerba Buena Ice Center.

Now to come up with some good cheers. Any ideas? You've got half an hour. call the cell.

Then again, the new Java release, 1.5 is called "Tiger", so I guess I could use all my Tiger ones...
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