July 12th, 2004

sabres jersey


The next two local 5K runs are both on days that I'd rather do some other things.

July 31st is a big picnic with bunches of my friends in Rochester.  Hoever, the road race is at 9 AM that morning, and it wouldn't be too hard to go home afterwards, shower, then haul ass over to Rochester.  It's the Roman Runners "Honor America Days" run.

I can do both, but I severley risk getting my tail handed to me in full-contact beach volleyball at Ocho.  The other downside is that I'm a bit out of my running shape at the moment.  (SLACKER!)

September 11th is the Paul Revere 5K run.  That's the same day as the Colorscape Chenango Arts Festival.  Again, it's a 9 AM start time for the race.  Garnet Rogers goes on at noon (probably would miss him), but the Kennedy's don't go on until 1:30.  Gandalf Murphy is on at 5:30.

I can do both.  Both days.  Watch my head spin.
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