July 31st, 2004

sabres jersey

Bringing Home The Hardware

So I did another 5K road race this morning.  Thanks to Rome, NY's skewed demographics, I took home another award by default.  My time was horrible, 33:32 (10:47 mile pace).  My finish?  Even worse, 186 out of 203.

Yet, despite all this, I managed to finish in third place in the Mens 25-29 age group.  So, here's the obligatory picture of me with my trophy.  (Yes!  It's a trophy this time!)

See, the top runners in the race were in my age group.  Since they don't duplicate awards, they weren't considered for the hardware for the age group.  So, third was bumped to first, fourth to second, and fifth (me) to third.

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See you all at Ocho, as soon as I recover. ;-)
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