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Paul Mischler's Journal
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Thursday, November 4th, 2004

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EFO on Sirius!
Woo hoo!  Sirius is finally playing Eddie From Ohio!!!!

Actually, they have been since 9/11/04 (Saturday, 1:40 PM, which means it was The Kennedys who played them first!)  This morning on my way out to class I heard "Walk Humbly Son" and on the way home I heard "Fly", both off the new album.

I can't believe there isn't an Edhead community on LJ. :-p
Presentation has been given.  I think it went over pretty well.  Even though it started about 20 minutes late.

Things learned:
1. NEVER count on the video display system to work properly.  It will not, and you will not know who to contact.

2. Please rehearse your presentation once on the day you're giving the presentation.

3. Giving out swag after the presentation is a great way to get rid of stuff you may not want to have cluttering up the place.  But damnit, that JavaOne bag is MINE.  Hands off!

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