November 14th, 2004

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Best Reunion Evah

That was the best family reunion ever.

We all went to Cooperstown.  My parents and I went to the Baseball Hall Of Fame.  (Don't go until they finish the renovations.  And the "baseball experience" thing it total cheese.  You can skip that.)

After spending some quality time with my cousins in one of the hotel rooms (Drinking 1 of the special 3000-some-odd bottle of beer that had been specially aged in Howe Caverns).  I still don't have a taste for beer.

We went to eat at a steakhouse next to the hotel.  Me and my cousin Jeanine were in for a surprise when it went from "family reunion" to "surprise birthday party!"  We had cake and everything.  Mom got me a Hockey Joe Bender. (so cool!)

After dinner, we took over the lobby of the hotel to play a game of Cranium.  Highlights:
1. Aunt Judy having to do "Kitty Litter" as a charade.
2. Both my dad and my aunt nancy having a "club cranium" drawing.  Instead of doing the answer (Mexican Jumping Beans), they drew "Creative Cat" (Creative Cat is the category of the blue cards in Cranium.)
3. I thought we were making a bit too much noise, and were drawing "strange looks' from the man behind the front desk.  Little did I know that the man standing behind the front desk was in fact a wax figurine.  Oops.

On my way home today, I stopped at the new Price Chopper in New Hartford.  Wowsers.  It's nice!  I'd say it's somewhat nicer than Tops, about on par with Hannafords' in Utica, but still no Wegmans.  I hope that when they open the new Price Chopper in Rome that it will be built with the same floorplan as that store.  They've started work on expanding the old P&C building here in Rome for the new Price Chopper.  I'm excited to see how it turns out.

And one last note: Yankee Candle fragrances "Vanilla Cookie" and "Christmas Cookie" are the same thing, just with a different name.  (as far as my nose can tell.)
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