January 19th, 2005

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Dear Syracuse University,

1.  Automated phone systems that try to transfer me to a human operator then give me a busy signal and hang up on me should not be allowed on your phone pbx.

2.  Make it wasy for me to pay for my classes.  Don't send me an email from the Syracuse University Bursar's Office then tell me that you can't do anything because I'm a University College student and make me call the University College Bursars office.  At least offer to transfer me over there.  Also, give me the name and number of the person I need to call there because phone systems are notorius for dropping my calls.

3. There is no #3.

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sabres jersey

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Awww.... the grocery store just up the street from me is closing :-(


From the UticaOD:

Katherine Gatley, left, checks out Betty Jones of Sleepy Hollow at Gillette's Food Market in Rome. The store will be closing this month after 45 years. Jones said she is not happy about the closing. It was convenient to her part of town, she said.

No shit it is convenient. It's about 200 yards or so from where I live.

I mean, yeah, I'm looking forward to Price Chopper opening its new store sometime next spring... but still, there's something to be said about walking up to the roadside stand just past Gillette's, picking up a fresh picked half dozen ears of corn, then stopping in the store to get some fresh hamburgers, rolls, and butter for the corn.

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