June 2nd, 2005

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The good thing about having a catchall e-mail address on your domain is that you can create e-mail addresses out of the blue and use them.  I use them to create unique e-mail addresses for most everything that I use.

This technique also allows you to figure out which people/companies have had their systems hacked or had a virus.

As I've written before, listserv addresses often get spam/junk because they get posted to the internet by some person who thinks they're doing people a favor by archiving emails without stripping the "from" addresses off them.  (i.e., the "redhat-sound" mailing list address I used is a spam target).

Today I add a new company to the "hacked" list.
Saunders, USA.  While they manufacture great hard cases for PDA's, the security on their customers data is not nearly as strong.

Saunders, USA:  You're getting a bonus :-p because your customer service e-mail address just bounced.

Hacked, virused, trojaned:
We're About 9
Saunders, USA

EDIT: It seems like this is another "Person stupid enough to click on an e-mail attachment" virus. Of course, it just happened to be someone at Saunders, USA who was the one dumb enough to do it.