June 26th, 2005

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Casualties of the road trip:

1. My Eagle Scout pewter keychain.  I had my keys attached to my pants by a caribiner.  The keychain was attached to a chain which was on a loop on the caribiner.  I think it slid down into the seat of the bus I was on then turned so that one of its wings 9or both) were caught below the seat.  I felt a tug when trying to stand up, but I thought everything came out okay.  It wasn't until I looked at my keys while I was on the Metro that I noticed it was gone.

2. My pen.  I use a PhD Multi pen (pen/pencil/stylus).  It ran out of ink.  Thankfully, a trip to Staples solved it.

3. My laptop.  Damnit.  It wouldn't post when I turned the power on (Translation: start booting).  Even when it did start postng, the computer would soon reset itself.  Lesson learned: Don't buy refurbished laptops unless you get a warranty.  I can maybe sell the thing for parts, but I'm kinda sad that I didn't have a laptop to use for the remainder of the trip.

I did pick up a WiFi card for my Palm Tungsten T5, but, woudln't you know it, you have to install the software drivers for the card from a CD... which necessetaites having a computer... which, at that point, was busted. :-p

Anyway, time for more Clearwater journal:
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