August 6th, 2005

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I was listening in to FolkTown // 38 on my commute this week on Sirius.  They gave away tickets to the Newport Folk Festival on Monday.

The winner was a person named Peter Granata.  I wonder if it's the same Peter Granata as in Granata Guitars

But anyway, this Monday at 8 PM, Dar Williams will be in studio with guitar in hand, promoting her new album "My Better Self".  Rebroadcasts are on FolkTown on Saturday 8/13 at 5 PM, and Sunday 8/14 at 2 PM, and on Sirius Disorder // 24 Tuesday 8/9 at 4 PM, and 8/13 at 11 AM.

Don't have Sirius?  Get a free 3 day on-line trial at

Oh, and here's something else that I hadn't posted:

"I'm sure [my daughter] Hannah will grow up and tell me how much music has influenced her life.  Imagine if you had a banjo on your head for 9 months."

Allison Brown w/ Meg Griffin on Folktown // 38
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