August 20th, 2007

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I was listening to Greg Klyma's brilliant song "Two Degrees In Buffalo" this evening. (Available on his Myspace page).

The song is a play on the many terms of the words "two degrees".  Obviously, for Buffalo, there's the two degrees as in the temperature.  But there's also the education, SUNY Buffalo, Buff State, Canisius, Damen, ECC, and so many other schools in the area that students do earn their two degrees in Buffalo.

Then there's the size of the city.,  You're probably closely connected to any other person in the area.

I just realized my connection to Greg Klyma.

A few lines of the song goes "The city of Good Neighbors, it's more like a small town... I was born in Sister's Hospital, I'm proud to call it home..."

Here's the connection:  My aunt Barb was a nurse in the maternity ward at Sister's Hospital for long time.

It's quite possible that my Aunt helped bring Greg into this world.

There's your two degrees.