April 26th, 2008

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Just saw "Baby Mama". Got some good laughs.  It's set in Philadelphia, and I think a good number of people in the cinema noticed a pretty bad "continuity error".  In two scenes, we see a car driving over the Ben Franklin Bridge.

The Ben Franklin Bridge links Philadelphia and New Jersey.

The problem is that the following scene in the first pass takes place in a town in Pennsylvania. (You can tell because of the keystone shaped Route 610 marker.)

In a later scene, being driven to the hospital from Philadelphia goes over the Ben Franklin Bridge.  This should end up in a hospital in New Jersey, but the scene outside the hospital is the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania.

I'm sure we'll eventually see that goof here.

I also finished off Bioshock this evening.  I'm not much of one for first-person shooters, but I really enjoyed the game, despite it making me a little bit dizzy.  The only disappointment I have with the movie is the very end.  It has an incredibly short epilogue which lasts maybe two minutes.


Oh well.

Time to assemble my mom's birthday gift.

The card reads:
Outside: "I made sure I didn't get you a funny card for your birthday."
Inside: "I know how easily people your age pee their pants."

I'm strongly considering adding in "Well, depends" after the inside text.
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