July 28th, 2008

falcon ridge

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Am home from FRFF.

Survived the storm to end all storms.

Get this: Budgiedome: Withstood the storm.

My tent: Survived the storm. Tiny bit of moisture on the air mattress, mostly because I left the back screen open a tiny amount the night before.  I love Eureka Timberline tents. 9 years, one bent pole.

Budgiedome rocks.  Come back for the TENTH Budgiedome next year!

Oh yeah.  I made it off the hill.  Steve Martin was kind enough to drive my stuff down the hill.  I walked down through Mainstage at about 7:30 PM.  A few workers were there disassembling the stage.  I could see one solitary man on the stage.  I assumed he was a person directing the taking down of the stage.

It wasn't.  As I got closer to the stage, I could hear the man singing. I could only make out the last few bars of the song, but as soon as I heard it, I knew all the words.  He was alone on the stage singing "Never Turning Back", the closing song.

As he finished, a round of applause rose up from the small Falcon Ridge staff contingent that had gathered outside the trailer.

I cheered as well.

More later. Sleep first.

See you in 2009!