September 8th, 2008

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Jim's Big Ego has a new album coming called "Free*"

The moment has arrived! Jim's Big Ego is proud to announce the release of
free* - the fifth full-length studio effort by "the greatest band in the
history of recorded music."

Highlights of the new album:

13 tracks of over-the-top Ego-goodness, many which have never before been performed in concert.
Co-produced by long-time JBE recording engineer, Ducky Carlisle
Guest appearances by a host of amazing musicians such as Catie Curtis, Mike West, Jennifer Kimball and Dave Crossland

If you're a Digger, they ask that you kindly up this link.

free* will be available on CD and vinyl LP in October.

However, you can now download a free* high quality MP3 of "International", the first track on the album. Features harmony vocals by Catie Curtis and piano and organ by Fenway Park organist, Josh Kantor.
Download now by going to

You may also download the entire album for free*.
We've set up a tiered payment system for downloads - the more you pay,
the higher quality MP3 you get. Suggested price is $9.99.
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