October 10th, 2008

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Holy Shiat.

DAMN GOOD SHOW tonight. Iain Campbell Smith with Shannon Lambert-Ryan, Fionán de Barra, and Cheryl Prashker at Marianne's house in Wallingford, PA.  I met Marianne Jackson for the second time at the Last Chance Cafe last weekend where I was reminded about the house concert.  Instant reservation!

Shannon, Fionán, Cheryl and two other performers will be in a band called Runa and appearing at NERFA in November.  They'll be appearing around Philly around January.  If tonight was any indication, GO SEE THEM!

I was surprised by the lack of traffic on my way over.  I was especially surprised because right between Mt. Laurel and Wallingford is Citizens Bank Park and the opening night of the NL Championship Series.  Luckily, I hit no traffic, and everything was smooth sailing over into Wallingford.

The crowd was very good, especially for a Thursday, and lots of familiar faces were there.  Jayne Toohey was there, along with copies of her Naked Folk 2009 Calendar (Amy Speace on the cover!). Ginger was there (she was at the Kennedy's show as well, and is expected to be at Pat Wictor's show in Audubon tomorrow.)  Lots of other Philly folkers were there as well.

The music was great as well.  The four performers played together all evening.  Fionán did an especially good job picking up Iain's music.  Shannon's voice is beautiful.  I sent an e-mail to Larry Kirwan at Sirius and asked him to take a listen and consider putting her music into his Celtic Crush show.

I hope you get a chance to see Iain and Shannon + company on their tour.