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Oh man... What a day.

Well, what a day I had today. I was very very busy. I got up, showered, got dressed, then hauled ass off to Buffalo. ATM, then Mighty Taco (Mighty Taco. Mighty Tasty!)

After the mass quantitites of Mighty Taco was eaten, I went off to an eye exam. All other things aside, my vision is pretty much the same except I have developed a slight astigma in one eye.

Next stop, Wegmans to get some eyedrops. After a while of walking around (and not seeing anyone that I knew :-( ), I stopped by the 'rents place.

Seeing mom is always a good thing. Especially when moms have goodies for you to take back to Rochacha with you :-D Anybody want some sugared strawberry slices? I've got some yummy strawberry sorbet for those to go on top of if anyone is interested. :-D

Let me just comment on the driving in the old place. Far too many people use their horns where their BRAKES would suffice.

Back to rochester for a workout at the gym. I ran into my friend/former coworker Karen again, which is always a good thing to see. Also good to see was that people were not collapsing around me, unlike Monday where a girl collapsed pretty much right next to me... twice.

I finished that off with a RITSMA meeting, and now I'm at home relaxing. Or at least contemplating a flame to tack on to this thread. Bah, idiots suck.
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