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The trade

Okay, here's the tradeoffs.

Apartment 1:
Has a dishwasher. 15 minute commute on a nice day. (15 minutes from ANYTHING.) Great view from the apartment. 2 small rooms. Stand-up shower, with "mini tub." Adelphia Cable Service (No Empire Sports, thus no Sabres hockey on TV).

Apartment 2:
No dishwasher. 5 minute commute to work. Very close to shopping. Smaller kitchen than apartment 1. Larger rooms than apartment 1. Full bathtub. Place to possibly store bike indoors. Time Warner Cable Service. (Empire Sports avaliable. Thus, Sabres Hockey.) Has a pool.

The trade: 10 more minute commute to work and a dishwasher, for Sabres Hockey on TV and a pool.

Winner: Sabres hockey and a pool.

Now I'm off to pick up my new glasses and to go to the gym.
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