Paul Mischler (misch) wrote,
Paul Mischler


Great EFO show. Even better, running into Father O'Malley who was doing merch at the show.

The venue, Revolution Hall, is amazing. It's part of the Troy Pub. It opened back in February of this year. Good seating, great sight lines, (lazy-ass local sound guy.) It also has a balcony extending right to the stage. "Feels like we're in the Thunderdome." mentioned one of the EFO peoples.

Surprisingly, other than Chris O, Andy W. and myself, I didn't notice any other Fruheads there.

Sadly, the EFO show scheduled for tomorrow in Toronto has been postponed (because of SARS). Sadly, this also means no Fordy concert either.

Anyone have any ideas of what I should do instead on Friday?


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