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Today's my relief day from work. So, instead of cleaning up some stuff here and making a couple of boxes disappear, I hopped out on my bike and did some exploring.

Well, I wouldn't call it "exploring", since I've been to most of the places I went to, but I did go to the Friday Farmers Market that they have here in Rome. I got some vanilla massage oil from one vendor, then I got some strawberries and some corn from another vendor. It's a good thing he put them in a plastic bag for me since I was on my bike and all I had was my back pack to carry it in.

I went to a couple of grocery stores in the area and bought some other things. Tonight I'm making grilled portabello sammiches with roasted red peppers topped off with melted swiss cheese and a dill-mayonnaise sauce....

but that's another story for another time.

Oh, one other thing, Signature Sounds is celebrating their on-line store opening by selling single CD's for $9.99 each. That's artists like Dave Carter and Tracy Grammer, Erin McKewon's original 2 CD's, Mark Erelli, Kris Dermholst, the Falcon Ridge Live Form Mainstage CD, etc. They have fixed the problems with their shopping cart, and it seems to work now. *yay*

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