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News from the home front...

Frank Mischler, of Williamsvile, has been named a top Scoutmaster by the National Council of the Boy Scouts of America.

Frank will represent the Greater Niagara Frontier Council as a guest of the National Council at the BSA National Meeting in Atlanta, Georgia, on May 31 - June 2. Frank will be honored with 39 other top Scoutmasters form across the country. Frank and his fellow honorees will participate in the National Meeting, and in special program development sessions. GNFC is honored to have Frank Mischler among the ranks of GNFC's top Scouters. Congratulations to Frank Mischler!
Frank Mischler served as an Assistant Scoutmaster and Troop Committee Chairman with Troop 262, chartered to the Mill Middle School PTSA in Williamsville. After his son, Paul, received his Eagle Scout Rank, Frank Mischler took over as Scoutmaster for Troop 262 in 1996. He attended Boy Scout Leader Wood Badge in 1993 and has served on Wood Badge Staffs in 95, 97, 99, 01, 03, and 04 and as Course Director in 2005.

The new curriculum for Wood Badge for the 21st Century stresses diversity, and Frank Mischler became active in the Scoutreach Program for the Council. He is a Member-at-Large for the Theodore Roosevelt (Bully Good) District and has attended the Juneteenth Campouts and Scout Sunday Celebrations in the Theodore Roosevelt (Bully Good) District.

In 1999, Frank Mischler Volunteered to serve as Roundtable Commissioner for the Onondaga District. Frank Mischler attended the Boy Scout Roundtable Commissioner Training at the Philmont Training Center in 2000. Frank Mischler received the Commission Arrowhead Honor in 2002 and the Distinguished Commissioner Award in 2004. Frank Mischler has also received the District Award of Merit, the Scoutmaster Award of Merit, the Scouters Training Award and the Silver Beaver Award.

He currently serves as the Boy Scout Roundtable Commissioner for the Central Districts, Charter Organization Representative for Pack 280 in Amherst and Scoutmaster for Troop 262 in Williamsville.

Frank Mischler is married to  Sarah Mischler. He is the father of Paul and step-father to five other children and grandfather of 14! He is Vice-President of Mischler's Florist and Greenhouses in Williamsville and active with the Annual Hospice Buffalo Bouquet Sale, a member of the Jolly Boys of Williamsville, and a member of the BNI-Executive Marketing Group of Western New York.

Way to go dad!

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