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I am seriously worried about a rebate I'm due on a video card I just purchased.

I got it from Newegg, and I know Newegg has great customer service.

However, the company that is doing the rebate processing [] is certainly dodgy

especially when you look at it's BBB rating.

The real kicker is on the bottom of the rebate form:

Inquires regarding this offer received later than three months after the expiration date of this promotion will not be acknowledged. If you have any questions about your rebate or if you have not received your check, 16 weeks after the postmark date please go to the Contact Us link on the website.

Essentially, if you have a problem with the rebate and want to contact them, WAIT 16 WEEKS.  However, they state the they will not acknowledge inquiries regarding the rebate three months after the expiration date of the offer.  3 months is about 12-13 weeks.

I'm keeping copies of EVERYTHING, including both sides of the envelope. I had to print four lines of data onto the back of the envelope.

lama900 writes more on the subject.
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