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I didn't really realize it, but i've bought about 10 CD's since the Eddie From Ohio show that I went to back in May.

Here they are and my impressions of them:

Eddie From Ohio Threerooms

Live EFO cd. Need I say more? :-) This is a great road tripping CD. Combine the energy from their live show and put it into 2 CD's. It's right up there with "Live Noise".

We're About 9 - something important with your time and EP Something Magnetic

Okay, having seen them perform 2 songs live is hardly enough for this trio. They're the biggest regret I have from Clearwater. Them getting rained out is a tragedy. *sigh* I am looking forward to seeing them perform at Falcon Ridge, but I hope they swing their way up to the upstate NY area sometime. Caffe Lena on 8/9 looks like it's as close as they're gonna get. *sigh* Oh well. Road trip!

Clearwater Live - various artists

Okay, it's a great CD. Even if one of the Thompson Twins sounds a little... umm... dorky saying "Clearwater" in the intro track. So what? It's a kick ass CD, complete with Janis Ian, Moxy Früvous, Chris and Meredith Thompson, and more.

This is a great road trip CD, however the POS CD player in my car doesn't like it too much. *sigh*

Ruth Ungar Jukebox This was one CD that I took a chance on. Ok, it's because I think she's cute. No, not everyone agrees with me on that, but she's cute in a Jennifer Gray or Michelle Meyrink sort of way. And it's nothing sexual either you pervs. If I had someone like that to sing me to sleep, I would never wake up. This CD has a real traditional feel to it, and I love the traditional folk sounds.

Well, while we're on the subject, let's talk about The Mammals "Trad Is Rad" they say, and this album is no exception. While the music si traditional, the messages and topics are very real. There's a message to be found on this CD.

Kim & Reggie Harris and Magpie Guide My Feet

Anoter one of those "take a chance" CD's. Not because I think any of them are particularly cute, but I really enjoyed their performance at Clearwater. The CD is pretty good, and it earned 4 trips around on my car's CD player before I took it out. WHile a little too religious influenced for my tastes, the message of social justice rings loud and clear. And you'll find yourself singing along to "Sarowiwa," even while they're singing about his death.

Amy Rigby Till The Weels Fall Off

Completley on goovie and horvendile's recommendation, I decided to pick up the Amy Rigby CD. *hee* I'm glad I did. While her voice isn't too strong, it's not her voice that I'm most concerned with. Her music is funny as all hell. Track 5 "Are we ever goona have sex again?". She's a lot like Deirdre Flint, only more jaded, more pessimistic. Poor girl. Will someone PLEASE get this lady a male escort? Wiat, then again, don't. You'd take away her muse.

Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer - drum hat buddah

I bought their album on a whim last year sometime when I saw it at The Bop Shop in the Villiage Gate Plaza. It was after Falcon Ridge, and after Dave had passed away. I loved that album. I knew this album was a sure thing. I have been earwormed silly with "Ordinary Town" pretty much since I've heard it. THis album is pure magic, and I must not let the world lose this magic. Burn this album into your memory, as it is a piece of beauty.

Still to be listened to:

Erin McKewon, Distillation.

Sorry, babe! Haven't gotten there yet! I will soon!

Jill Sobule, How I Learned To Swim

You too! Review coming!


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