Paul Mischler (misch) wrote,
Paul Mischler

I am amused by the image posted by rthurman in this Fark thread (sfw).

At the gym this afternoon, there was a woman coming in wearing an "RIT Photography" t-shirt.  I didn't ask her if she was a graduate or anything (I don't really talk to people at the gym.)  It was a shirt from the "Big Shot", March 2001 at the Alamo.  Nifty!

My neighbors who live upstairs in apartment 400 are moving out.  Honestly, I won't miss their kids too much, but I will miss the mother.  Wow.  MILF, for those of you familiar with American Pie.

Not that you needed to know that or anything.

I think my project for the rest of the day will be cleaning up the place.  I cleaned crap out of the car and got it washed, and now I have to do something with this room.
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