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im in ur Budgiedome emceeing ur performerz

In other news, tonight I FINALLY had the chance to see Carsie Blanton again.  A series of (un)fortunate incidents prevented me from seeing her since she opened for Red Molly last October.

Folks, she could be the real deal.  She's got a beautiful voice, good songwriting skills, good guitar work, a great supporting cast, she's cute to boot too.  (Hey quilynn, she loves swing dancing!)

I have invited her to the Budgiedome, but she's not currently planning on heading to FRFF this year.  (She'll be at Philly Folk for all you Philly Folkers)

She'll be at: Jammin Java Saturday, Joe's Pub on Sunday, Mt. Holly, NJ on the 23rd, and all over the Philly/South NJ/Eastern PA area throughout the summer.


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