Paul Mischler (misch) wrote,
Paul Mischler

Tonight while I was watching Jeopardy, there was a very special category. I heard the irreverence in some Jeopardy questions.  I was in the back of the gym, and all I could see was a special category listed with a white background.  I said "Gee, I wonder if that's  FARK?  ON JEOPARDY?!?!"

It's true. "  HEADLINES" was a Jeopardy category tonight. These are the questions from that round. Links to the stories themselves are in the first comment in the Fark article.

Edit: VIDEO!

In other news, Neil Patrick Harris was on Wheel of Fortune tonight.  (People Magazine Celebrity Week).

And then, "lost in translation", from tonight's episode of "How I Met Your Mother"

Okay, Ted is going out with this woman who talks and talks and talks.  She won't shut up.  Essentially, this causes everyone else to have their secret annoying behaviors revealed.  At the end of the episode, before cutting to the credits, the show fast forwards 3 years.  Ted runs into this woman again, and she introduces Ted to her new Fiance.

Turns out the fiance is deaf.

Ted and the guy actually sign a tiny bit.  There's open captioning included, and the caption reads "She talks a lot." but in reality, it looks like he signs "She's a big bitch".  I didn't get a great look at it, I was on the elliptical runner at that moment.
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