Paul Mischler (misch) wrote,
Paul Mischler

Rules of sending me e-mail.

  1. If you get something that says "Forward this to everyone you know!", pretend you do not know me.

  2. If you must send something to multiple people, practice safe e-mailing and do it in the following manner:

    1. Place your e-mail address in the "To:" field

    2. Place all the other e-mail addresses in the "Bcc:" (Blind carbon copy) field.

This helps prevent people who receive your mass e-mail from getting spam later.

You see, if everyones e-mail address is on the e-mail, if anybody has their computer hacked and the e-mail addresses harvested, everyone you sent mail to is screwed

Otherwise, if you use the BCC field, the only people who have their e-mail addresses harvested are you and the recipient of the e-mail.
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