Paul Mischler (misch) wrote,
Paul Mischler

Yesterday: Avenue Q!

I went up to NY with a friend of mine.  We caught the train from Hamilton.  Times Square (first visit!) was pretty packed for a Saturday afternoon.  I had debated going the tkts route, but realized I would have had to leave REALLY early to make that work, so I paid for tickets in advance instead.

It took a lot of walking to finally get oriented in NYC.  Most pop-ups out of the subway system began with walking in the exact opposite direction that we really wanted to go in.  Oops!

This trip was my first visit to Times Square.  I had thought about a visit to Times Square during a layover at Penn Station, but I had luggage and didn't feel like dragging it around.  This time, Times Square for real.  Holy crap. Sure enough to make someone with ADD go crazy.

We made it to the Golden Theatre about 20 minutes before curtain.  Plenty of time to grab seats and for me to hit the bathroom.

As I expected, there was an extremely long line for the womens room.  The mens room, no line.  In fact, a few women made their way into the mens room toilets before the show.

No spoilers of course, but there was enough stuff left out of the soundtrack that I was surprised by a lot of things.

After the show, cast members came out and told us about Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS.  I left the theatre an additional $10 lighter, but sporting buttons that read "It sucks to be me", and "Only for now"

We then made our way by subway towards Dylan's Candy Bar.  I spotted The Container Store and stopped in.  I didn't buy anything, but my friend had to use the bathroom, so it was a well timed stop.

From there, we managed to make our way to Dylan's.  After having been taken there by a fellow RIT alum, I love the place.  We bought too much candy.  Note: Please skip the bulk "australian soft licorice", or at least get stuff from the bottom.  That stuff dries out and becomes not so soft if exposed to air.  (Better: Buy it at Trader Joe's if it is available.  It's in sealed packages.)

Dinner was Patsy's Pizzeria on the east side.

After dinner, we wandered around a little bit, then decided to head back to Times Square to visit the Virgin megastore.  While in the subway stop (Times Square), we came upon a band of $cientologists offering their bogus "Stress tests" to people.  I could have been nice and reminded the people that "the way out is the nearest door", but I passed on the opportunity.  Oh well.  *squick*

More, next time I write!

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