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So, inside this new car, there's a new stereo, you see. It plays MP3s, and CD-RW discs with encoded MP3's on them. Sadly, the only burning programs I have only like to make files in folders appear alphabetically.

For example, the unnamed track at the end of DaVinci's Notebooks' Brontosaurus would appear first alphabetically, followed by "Another Irish Drinking Song". Clearly, this isn't the order the tracks are in on the disc.

Of course, me, being the good software geek that I am came up with a solution. Knowing that the playlists generated by the CD's are in correct order, I was able to take the playlist, rename files so they appeared with track numbers ("01", "02", ... "10", ..., etc.)

Of course, since I ripped so many CD's when I made them all the first time, I wrote a short perl program to take care of the sequencing of the many many playlists.

Now, all the playlists have correct ordering and numbering of the tracks.

I'm a proud geek.

Tired, but proud.

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