Paul Mischler (misch) wrote,
Paul Mischler

Sirius Disorder has been giving some airtime to Angelique Kidjo. (Warning: Flash/Music).  It seems that she is a pretty major star in the international pop scene.  She's been nominated for a Grammy 4 times.  I'd put her firmly inthe Afro-Pop genre (if there is such a thing).  I'd describe her to my music friends as a blend of Vance Gilbert, Sweet Honey In The Rock, and the Soweto Gospel Choir

Disorder has been playing a cover of "Mysterious Ways".  I'm looking forward to the MP3 release of that song, or, alternatively, I might get the whole album: "In The Name Of Love: Africa Celebrates U2"

The other funny thing is that Sirius Disorder has basically been "In Hiding" since "The Grateful Dead" channel bumped Disorder from from 32 up to 70.  70 used to be "Planet Jazz", but became Sirius Disorder.  The only problem is that Sirius has not bothered to broadcast a channel update (They do this a couple times a year).  It's gotten so ridiculous, Disorder has started running "sweeps" (short blurbs between songs) making fun of themselves like "Yeah, we know it says 'Planet Jazz'".

Did you know there is an ICanHasCheezburger/Jones Soda contest?

And good lourde, a Wootoff.

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