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That reminds me...

I'd like to thank the great taxpayers of America for loaning me some money in 1997 to go to school with. I just wanted to let you know that I've paid off the first of the two loans.


And, in other news, I'm finding being a student again really sucks. Like, umm... I wanted to just sit at my computer and play Civ III all night (strange urge), but then I remembered that I had homework to do. PLus I had to install Eclipse, the latest Release Candidate of OpenOffice, which in turn needed an installation of the latest JRE.

And, oh, look. It's 2:40 AM. And I'm going to run in a 5K tomorrow morning. Yeah, it's time to go to bed. Goal time: 34:00. I've turned the treadmill at the gym up a couple of notches in the past month, so I'll see how the added training helps me out tomorrow.
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