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Well, as many of you know, the recall vote in California has been delayed because some precintcs in California are still using the outdated-yet-paper-trail-leaving punch cards instead of the insecure-without-leaving-a-paper-trail electronic voting machines.

Others of you may know that Mozilla Foundation leader Asa Dotzler considered running for governor.

Although nothing ever came of it, I do have a Top Ten list to share:
Top Ten Things That Would Happen if Asa Was Elected Governor of California.

10. US Spins off California as its own country, leaving it a generous donation.
9. California no longer elects State Senators, they elect Drivers.
8. Asa's re-election campaign confuses voters. The party runs on too many platforms.
7. Asa uses mouse gestures to sign or veto bills from the Legislature
6. The state gets a new homepage:
5. June 5th becomes a state holiday.
4. The State Constitution is scrapped. Developers spend 5 years writing a new one.
3. Libertarians complain about the government having 'too large of a footprint' in their memory.
2. Most people bitch, moan, and complain about the government but don't help with the coding.
1. Got a problem with the government? File a bug report at
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