Paul Mischler (misch) wrote,
Paul Mischler

I have been included in a pic from Appel Farm.  Thanks, horvendile!

Also, Greg Klyma has gotten hold of his new album Rust Belt Vagabond. Since I was smart enough to pre-order it, I have a copy of it in my hands!  The song of his that I love, "Two Degrees In Buffalo" is track 4.  Music samples on Greg's myspace here

It features Greg, Jonathan Byrd, Tom Bianchi, Sick, Anthony da Costa, Tyne Nicole, John Jennedy, Dana Price, Mighty Might Wiggus, Joe Kross, Kristin Dewitt, David Glaser, Karen Mal, Bob Klotz and more.

If the information in "Two Degrees In Buffalo" is accurate, then we are likely two degrees apart.  The song says Greg was born in Sisters Hospital. My aunt was a nurse in the maternity ward.  It's quite possible that my aunt helped bring Greg into this world.

He'll likely be in your neck of the woods at some point this year.  8/22 he'll be in Philly, and then again 11/15.  Cafe Lena with Anthony da Costa on 12/6.

Please go check him out!

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