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Paul Mischler

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*grrrrrrrr* (or should it be *arrrrrrrrrrrrrrr?*)

Happy Talk like a pirate day to ye, laddie! No go scrub down me decks and clean the dishes in the galley.

You know what makes this pirate angry? When people take offense to music group names... like "Sons of Pitches". It's about as indecent as Brick City Singers advertising that a cappella singers "do it aurally."

80 classroom visits later, "Sons of Pitches" gets barred from Oswego schools. Farkwads. They should walk the plank. All of those namby-pamby land lubbers.

This entry has been brought to you today by the letter "arrrrrr!" and the letter "X", the "X" on the map where we buried the booty! and by the number 60 men on a dead mens chest.

Stay tuned to PBS as Barney is forced to walk the plank. Find out whodunit on "Mystery!"

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